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Broadband Light

A new approach to younger looking skin

Broadband Light

For as long as women and men have been concerned about aging, there have been promises of younger-looking skin. Contrary to popular belief, creams and lotions can’t penetrate the skin’s surface. This means they can’t reach the deeper layers of skin where much of the aging process happens. Introducing Forever Young BBL™ from Sciton, a revolutionary treatment that sends light energy deep into the skin to boost your body’s natural ability to fight again. The result? Skin that’s visibly younger looking, year after year! Forever Young BBL is not just for women and men who have experienced sun damage over the course of their life. It also has PREJUVENATION™ benefits keeping young skin looking young.


– Acne
– Sun spots
– Redness
– Remove unwanted hair
– Tightens
– Rejuvenates
– Scarring